We’ve interview Spectrum Solutions Acquisition’s Nation Sales We interviewed Spectrum Solutions Acquisition’s Sales Director Bill Bueller who provides field inspection, property renovation and property preservation services to discuss the challenges they face and how do they make sure to meet growing customer expectations.

What sets you apart from your competitors?

Proven experience for decades within the industry, our proprietary technology and innovative approach to tackling the biggest client challenges. We take pride in our work and treat all our local field vendors with the respect they deserve.

Where do you see your business and the client challenges in 2021?

We are constantly growing and expanding, opening new zones and on-boarding new clients every month. We see the industry challenged to meet quality standards and investor claim timelines in 2021. With the increasing delinquency ratios and amount of unemployed/underemployed in our country, it’s just a matter of time before the government backstop cracks and the wave of non-performing assets increase.

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