While there are many facets to the default servicing industry, one of the more overlooked areas by many institutional owners and investors is the selection of a well-equipped property preservation and inspection vendor who can take their properties from initial occupancy inspections all the way through disposition by effectively inspecting, maintaining and repairing them as needed. The mitigation of risk for these owners should also be a key factor when choosing the right partner to ensure that all code violations are being brought to their attention for resolution as well as removing health and safety hazards from the properties along the way. With communities across the country stepping up their code enforcement efforts, it is vital that the properties are being maintained in a similar fashion to all the other homes in the neighborhood and ensuring that all blight is removed and offering a “good neighbor” appearance for other residents in the surrounding area.

How do I pick a Property Preservation Vendor?

The right vendor could provide you with all your inspection and property preservation needs and help you sell the property to the right buyer at top dollar. But with so many Property Preservation Vendors in the market today, how do you know which one is the best fit for you and your property’s needs? The perfect vendor will provide you with the following necessary services to help you inspect and maintain your property no matter the conditions.

Property Inspections

From no contact to interior and exterior inspections, you will know the status of your properties by scheduling periodic inspections. In-depth information gathering along with current photos will provide real time updates to make ongoing property decisions.


Usually performed in the fall, winterization is a preventive measure you need to protect your property against. freeze damage by removing all water from the home, turning off the water and preventing the ability to easily turn back on. Even if a home has been previously winterized it is always advised to winterize the property again to ensure it remains intact.

Snow Removal

During the winter season, removing snow from the property is crucial in order to provide access to the property as well as keeping the home in compliance with local code enforcement for snow removal.

Debris Removal

As the name implies, the removal of all debris from the exterior and the interior of the property. Debris could include items that detract from curb appeal and even hazardous materials.

Initial and Ongoing Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance includes the very basic to the most complex lawn care practices including lawn mowing, shrub trimming, weed eating, weeding of flower beds, edging, and the removal of clippings. It is also important to ensure that all trees are properly trimmed to prevent damage to the home. Consistently scheduled yard maintenance will also ensure compliance with local code enforcement.

Maid Services

Need your property to be in tip top shape for marketing purposes? This service makes sure that your property is in “move in ready” condition. Dusting and cleaning every corner of the home making sure that nothing stands in the way of your property looking spick and span!

Property Securing

Once confirmed vacant, we will help you secure it by changing locks on doors, boarding up windows if needed, securing gates and outbuildings, making sure that emergency contact numbers are posted on the property, and installing lock boxes should you require one.

As one may now conclude, having a fully equipped Property Preservation and Inspection Vendor is indeed very important and choosing the right vendor from numerous Property Preservation Vendors is crucial in maintaining the property effectively and mitigating risk for the property owners.